In this blog I will discuss free bladder diary apps (IOS and Android) and reveal my favourites. You will also find a link to a pdf I made for you. This is an update  from the 2019 blog. 


We ask a lot of our patients to fill in a bladder diary because it provides such valuable information. A paper diary is still most commonly used but wouldn’t an app be very handy and convenient? 

I searched for the following terms: bladder diary, voiding diary, micturition diary, and frequency- volume chart. I tried to be as thorough as possible but as I did this search in Holland in other countries you might find different apps. 

To evaluate the apps I made a list of items the International Continence Society consider important in a bladder diary.  I have added a few personal extra items like the pros and cons and a star rating system. But also items on for instance user-friendliness. I didn’t include apps especially designed for men and children. 

The items I definitely want in an app are: volume and time of void and fluid intake and the level of urgency. Other preferable items are incontinence and the calculation of totals. I have rated the apps with 1 to 5 stars (more stars is better). Please keep in mind that this is my personal preference.


In the PDF you will find the results of the six  most promising free bladder diary apps. Two apps are exclusively for IOS (My bladder pal 2  and Vesica) and two for Android ( Uritrack, voiding diary, easy urination diary). One app is for both IOS and Android (Iuflow). 

The best free bladder diary for IOS and Android is IUflow with 5 stars. This app covers all the items but one I scored. Only pad usage or change is not covered. I think this is a minor thing. The app is also easy to use and the report looks attractive. Unfortunately, totals are not calculated. However, that was the case in all the apps. 

Link to review

Do you use a free bladder diary app for your patients ? Feel free to share your experiences!

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